Challenges to the Hydroplate Theory from the Pacific Basin

Chapters six through nine of Genesis contain the description of a violent event that radically altered Earth’s surface – an event that chiseled its memorials across the globe. Such a global cataclysm as the Genesis Flood would have a profound influence on the course of Earth’s history, one which is only just beginning to be understood. To better comprehend such an unparalleled event, creation scientists have offered a variety of models, but such models created by fallible beings will inevitably contain flaws resulting from various reasons (as would any model). Such flaws and contradictions in the models must be noted as new data are obtained in order to continue to a better understanding of the Genesis Flood. In that pursuit, I have examined Dr. Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory regarding features in the Pacific Basin, as described in my 2018 paper, “Hydroplate Theory—problems for trench formation in the Pacific Basin,” printed in the Journal of Creation. This paper elicited a response from Bruce Armstrong, a supporter of the Hydroplate Theory, leading to an informative exchange in a later issue of the Journal of Creation. His response also allowed me to further expound on other challenges to the Hydroplate Theory from the Pacific Basin. My original paper and response to Armstrong’s Letter to the Editor are available on these sites:

For those interested in Armstrong’s letter, it is included on this site for context:

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