The Golden Gate Bridge is now in the Ocean!

No, not really, but it looks that way on Google Earth.

I often play around on Google Earth because it is good for virtual geology field trips. One interesting feature is to go underneath the water in the oceans and other large bodies of water. As I do this I have found that as you attempt to see underneath the Golden Gate Bridge the picture conforms with the 3D ocean bottom representation. This causes the site to look especially odd.

golden gate bridge overview.PNG

Overview of the Golden Gate Bridge as seen on Google Earth.

golden gate bridge 3d structure

The picture at first appears to give the correct 3D representation of the bridge.

golden gate bridge underwaterHowever, this obviously is not the correct representation! Note the animated water line in the top of the picture. The perspective is under the water level looking North.

golden gate bridge underwater opposite

This is the opposite direction pointing south. Note the cars in the picture of the bridge.

That is all for now. I thought that you may enjoy seeing this curious site, although I encourage you to see it for yourself. That is the best way to enjoy the view.